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Our mission is to help you do the best you can do.

Beyond U Inc. was born out of an internal innovation project conducted by the management consulting team at Angie Herbers & Company, an independent management strategy consulting firm. It started as a creative outlet and learning project, simply to clear the head space and reduce stress of daily consulting work for clients.

The team, lead by Angie Herbers, was tasked to solve the talent shortage in the advisory industry in a unique way. The code name for the project was “Go Beyond You”, one of four core values at Angie Herbers & Company.

The team came up with the following solution to the talent shortage in this never ending run on sentence: “We are currently in the process of learning and creating for the financial advisory industry, so we can do better management consulting, so let’s create an online training platform for the industry, where we can share the knowledge we learn with financial advisory firm owners in volume, so we can use some of that money to create our own incentives programs for college students to enroll in CFP registered schools, so the financial advisory industry can have the talent they need to keep growing, so financial advisors can keep learning, so CFP universities can keep enrolling students, so we can keep learning, so financial advisors keep getting trained, so then other institutions might start giving money for scholarships as incentive too, so the advisory industry can have the talent we all need …”

Learning is a process. It takes a village. It became Beyond U Inc.

Incorporated in 2017 and headquartered in Austin, TX, Beyond U Inc. is an online educational platform created for financial advisors. It’s vision is to educate and preserve knowledge for generations to come. Beyond U, includes knowledge and expertise on building and managing an advisory business for perpetuity. It provides key insights on critical practice building topics. It also helps the next generation of successors who want to learn in a different way through on demand, easily consumed, digital training that can be applied over a period of time, maybe even forever.

Our goal is to work with other partners to build out additional training programs on the educational platform. Our inaugural event on the pathway to building a $1B in assets under management advisory firm, Invincible, was a great success with our partners, FiComm, Angie Herbers & Company and Live Oak Bank. We have more to come as we educate and grow financial advisors and their firms, and as we grow too.  



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